Thursday, October 16, 2008

First Email

Lean Turkey 101

Hey guys I am sending out some points I would like to cover with each and every one of you. Please let me know asap if you have and questions or problems. I would like to meet with you face to face as soon as possible my best times are listed below. Again do not hesitate to call or email if you have questions or do not understand whats going on. 512-791-7215 Lets get ready to have fun and kick some a@%!


1.Team Name Options
1. "The Killers"
2. SuperStars
3. Untouchables
4. any suggestions! Lets pick a name by Wednesday!

2. Team Workouts 2pm or 4pm (options)
Sunday November 9th (week 4)
Sunday November 16th (week 5)
*I understand every one wont be able to make it to both but lets get together once before the big Workout Out. Please give me feed back on what day and time will work best. Thanks

3. Individual Meeting and Consultation
Please schedule a time we can meet in the next 7 days for 30 to 45minutes. Best times for me are 100 - 300pm Monday Wednesdays or 1200 - 300pm Tuesday Thursdays. I am available other times but these are optimal. I LOVE starbucks so the closest one to you or me will work. The gym is always an option too : (.

4. Goals, Food Logging, and individual workouts
Please send me a short list 3 - 5 goals of why you signed up for Lean Turkey and how you will achieve your goal in 6 weeks.
Please tell me if you are interested in food logging(attached) you will guarantee results by doing this but its not for every one.
I will send out each week three workouts to do on your own! Please ask any questions for clarification. (attached)

5. Zone Journal and Supplements.
At our meeting I will cover the Zone diet and how to apply it to your life one step at a time. If you all ready drink the cool aid we will tweak it to help you get super fit!
Also if your interested in Vitamins and Supplements we can cover the Advocare products that would be most beneficial. If you all ready purchase products from a coach they will be your source for reorders. * Supplements are an option Healthy food choices are key and come first to a healthy life style!

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